The History of the Sounders

The History of the Sounder

The Sounders started in 1974 but became a part of Major League Soccer in 2009. In 2009, it became a large sensation with fans. The Sounders are currently a big thrill in Seattle, and they have a large rivalry with the Portland Timbers, that keeps the crowd on their toes and excited to come to games.
To begin, the first Sounders were brought to Seattle by a group of businessmen that wanted to get a sport franchise going. They wanted to join the North American Soccer League. There were 6 businessmen in the group.
The Sounders were at first called The Lads. They began playing in Memorial Stadium at Seattle Center. They had a usual crowd of 12 thousand people, and the tickets usually sold out. Eventually, they moved from Memorial Stadium to the Kingdome.
For a while, there was a gap of time when there were many different teams, but in 1994 there was a new and improved official Sounders team. They were owned by a Microsoft exclusive member. Then in 2002, they got a head coach named Brain Schmetzer who coached them until 2008. They won two USL championships.
In 2009, they started playing in MLS. They got many top good players. They sold a lot of season tickets, more than any team in the MLS.
The Sounders best season was in 2014, when the teams had Stefan Frei, Chad Marshall, Martians, and Dempsey. They scored many goals. The team had the top record in the league for goals 20-10-4. They won the U.S. Open Cup. Then they won the MLS Championship.
Today, they are a pretty good team, but maybe not as good as they once were.

The Sounders in 1976