Florida’s attempts to discard Disney’s self-governing district, Disney’s fight to stay independent

Disney’s self-governing district in Orland, FL., Reedy Creek, claims that Florida’s attempt to diminish the area is not valid until Reedy Creek’s debts are covered by the state.
Reedy Creek is described as a “special purpose district” created by Florida state to give Disney sustainable government power over the area surrounding the Disney theme parks. Since it’s establishment in May 1967, the district has accumulated around $1 billion in debt.
In a Reedy Creek statement to Florida state, Reedy Creek highlights that the pledge from Florida in the 1967 law vows that Florida would “not in any way impair the rights or remedies of the holders… until all such bonds together with interest thereon, and all costs and expenses in connection with any act or proceeding by or on behalf of such holders, are fully met and discharged.”
In response to this statement, Reedy Creeks explained that it predicts business to continue as it previously had. Residents and government employers of nearby Osceola and Orange counties voiced their anxious feelings that Florida’s attempt to pay off Reedy Creeks debt will lead to increased taxes and possibly lessen revenue for the Disney Park.
This was all caused by Disney’s criticism towards Florida’s recent “Parental Rights in Education” bill, also known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. The bill is said to keep conversation about sexual orientation and gender identity outside of the classroom until students are deemed age appropriate. The bill attracted immense media attention as many people say the vague and unclear language of the bill could eventually lead to a justification for LGBTQ discrimination and homophobia in classroom discussions.
Disney spokesperson shared a statement under the company’s name stating “the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, should never have passed and should never have been signed into law.’” Despite Disney being the single most employed site in Florida state and one of the largest and profitable tourists’ sites in the country, Florida officials wish to rid Reedy Creek of its independence due to opposition towards this bill.