Man in Japan mistakenly gets town’s COVID funds and gambles it away

In May. 19, 2022, the suspect allegedly admitted to spending the majority of the $360,000 he was accidentally sent and according to the police, he reportedly refused to return the money to the town it was meant for.
Police said Thursday he admitted to spending most of the 46.3 million yen ($360,000) of tax money on gambling. According to the Kyodo News agency, only 68,000 yen ($530) is left in his bank account after he withdrew the money 34 times in just over 10 days after the town made the mistake.

He’s being held on suspicion of computer fraud and had allegedly refused the town request to return the money, police said.
The funds were COVID-19 subsidies that were deposited into his bank account in April. Each of the 463 low-income households in Abu, population 3,372, was supposed to receive 100,000 yen ($780).
Town officials are separately investigating how the erroneous transfer went through unnoticed, a mistake that has triggered a wave of criticism from residents.