(Web Brief) Dramatic Rise in Car Jackings


Chicago Police

Chicago Police security footage shows a Car-jacking taking place. Such incidents have become increasingly frequent in the past year.

All across the nation, carjackings have increased 200% or more leaving many people scared concerning the safety of their vehicles. Law enforcement officers have been working with lawmakers to assist car owners who are all at risk of a carjacking.

Many believe that the issue has stemmed from an over-softening of police power. Following public outrage concerning police brutality, the American public demanded that our police force be placed under further restrictions to check the amount of police violence.

However, many now fear that the laws have become too soft and are facilitating crime. As it stands today, police forces are not allowed to give chase to stolen vehicles or suspects who attempt to flee in vehicles. This law is now being blamed for the sudden rise in car jacking across the nation as the police have had their hands tied.

The city of Philadelphia reported 757 carjackings in 2021, in Seattle, cases rose 40%. Police fear that the lack of a response to carjackings will embolden offenders to repeat their actions.

Carjackings, like many other thefts, are violent crimes and pose not only a problem of theft but of murder as well. People are held at gunpoint while their keys are demanded of them and without police support they are helpless as they watch their car be driven away.

For many, their car is their livelihood, their only way to commute, or an integral part of their lives meaning that its loss renders major financial impacts. Buying another car is often not an option especially with the microchip shortage that has depleted the stocks of many dealerships.

Furthermore, the financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic still render a new car out of the question for many people. The thefts are damaging lives across the nation and their constant rise demands prompt action to protect communities.

Mirroring this trend is a rise in catalytic converter thefts due to an expensive metal that is found inside them. These metals are then sold making the trade incredibly lucrative for thieves. The process of stealing a catalytic converter is quick and easy as they are exposed on the underside of every car. It has been reported that many of the catalytic converted thieves are high school age.

In the city of Seattle, the rise of car-jackings has also been accompanied by the rise of violent crime in the area. This sudden increase in crime has caused many small businesses in Seattle to move their operations to feel from the increasing crime rates.

An example of this is Piroshky Piroshky, a Russian bakery that moved from their location on Third Avenue in Seattle after daily incidents of theft or violence on their doorstep. The manager of the branch reported that they hit their final straw after the third shooting on the street in a month. Pedestrians try to walk through the area as quickly as possible due to the crime concerns and the area has been marked as unsafe.

To counter the disturbing rise of car thefts and other increases in crime, city task forces have been set up across the nation and lawmakers have come under increased pressure to rearm the police with the ability to stop these crimes.