“Battlefield 2042” Launches After Numerous Delays



First-person shooter “Battlefield 2042” launches worldwide on all platforms

Video game developer EA DICE’s highly anticipated first-person shooter “Battlefield 2042” goes back to the future after launch delays.

First announced on June 9, the 12th installment of the popular “Battlefield” franchise was originally slated for an Oct. 22 release date, but was delayed until Nov. 19.

The game is set about 20 years in the future, and its title is in reference to the original game, “Battlefield 1942”, which is set 100 years in the past from the new game during World War II.

This isn’t the first time “Battlefield” has ventured into the future, as its title also references “Battlefield 2142”, set 100 years in the future from the new game.

The new game pits the two remaining superpowers, the US and Russia, against each other as they use proxy soldiers to fight a worldwide war for survival in a future ravaged by climate crises.

The game sees one of the largest updates in franchise history, making the transition from 64-player matches to 128-player matches. It also introduces cross-platform play so players can play with friends on different systems.

A single-player campaign is absent, as DICE wanted to focus solely on the multilayer game mode that the franchise is known for.

The game features three core game modes. The flagship “Battlefield” mode called “Conquest”, and a more recent addition called “Breakthrough” are present under the “All-Out Warfare” mode.

These modes consist of two large 64-player teams fighting over objectives in multiple sectors. Teams have access to all kinds of near-futuristic small arms and vehicles that the franchise is known for.

The second core experience is called “Hazard Zone”, a squad-based extraction mode that has small four-player squads dropped into smaller sections of the larger 128-player maps seen in the “All-Out Warfare” modes.

The squads’ objective is to search for and locate data drives from crashed satellites all over the map, while fighting other player squads and non-player occupying forces. Squads will have two chances to extract from the hazard zone to keep the data drives which can be turned into currency to purchase better gear for future rounds.

The third core “Battlefield 2042” experience is a unique mode called “Portal”. This mode brings back game modes, maps, factions, classes, weapons, and vehicles from three previous “Battlefield” titles (“19422”, “Bad Company 2”, and “Battlefield 3”) along with all the content from “Battlefield 2042”. The mode remasters two maps from each of the old games and brings a modern graphical upgrade to each of them.

What sets “Portal” apart is that while it lets players replay classic modes such as “Rush” from “Bad Company 2”, it also lets players create their own custom game modes. Players can mix and match the various factions across all of the available maps while also creating their own unique game rules.

While the launch of “2042” has been very rough technically (as is custom with the franchise), fans seem to be responding positively to the various game modes and new additions to the “Battlefield” franchise. With a much more positive reception so far than the last main entry in the franchise, the future of “Battlefield” looks bright.