COP26: Why Obama Believes the US was Stalled Under Trump

COP26 and the United States
COP26 is occurring right now and it is an important topic among a lot of countries, including the United States. COP26 is a conference held by the United Nations where many countries discuss the topic of climate change. These countries go over the issue every year and what policies they need to implement in order to prevent climate change.

Barack Obama, former President of the United States, spoke on the topic last week and proposed ideas, discussed the issues with climate change, and stated how the world, specifically the US, is falling behind. The US is second leading in the world on greenhouse gas emissions and Obama discussed how we as a nation have a lot of work to do. He also stated how we must lead this fight against climate change.

Obama mentioned many key points when it comes to preventing climate change and certain goals. Obama mentions clean energy multiple times and how as a nation we need to work towards this new energy source. He said that the clean energy industry has more workers than the fossil fuel industry.

Obama also stated how certain countries pledged to cut their greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. This pledge will become successful when the countries decide to stay committed to these goals. Cutting these emissions in half is a lot for the end of the decade, but it is doable.

Obama also mentioned how the US was stalled under the lead of former president, Donald Trump. He said he was not too happy when Trump had pulled the US out of the Paris Agreement when he was in office. The Paris Agreement is the agreement between many countries, including the US, to set goals and policies to help prevent climate change. Obama believes this is why the US is stalled in the fight against this issue.

It is not only the US, Obama mentioned. The entire world is behind and “we are nowhere near where we need to be”, Obama said. Although this is bad news, he believes that with our views and perspectives as a whole, we can prevent climate change before it becomes irreversible.