“Young Justice” Season 4 Releases on HBO Max


DC and HBO Max

The original cast of DC’s “Young Justice” return for season four exclusively on HBO Max

The hit DC animated superhero spy drama “Young Justice” returns to HBO Max for its fourth season, titled “Phantoms”.

Thanks to an effort from fans online, DC has once again renewed “Young Justice” for another season on HBO Max. First announced at 2020’s DC Fandome, “Young Justice: Phantoms” is set to follow up on the shocking ending of the show’s third season.

DC teased the return of the original surviving core cast, from series regulars such as Nightwing to less frequent team members like Zatanna, ahead of 2021’s DC Fandome virtual convention in October. The first two episodes were released shortly after the virtual event was completed.

The first four-episode arc completed with the death of an original main character, setting a mature tone for the rest of the season to hopefully follow.

Originally airing in 2010 on Cartoon Network, the show follows a covert team of teenage and young adult DC superhero sidekicks who wish to prove themselves to their mentors and the Justice League. The young heroes battle a secretive cabal of villains known as The Light.

The show received praise for its complex characters and plot with twists, turns, and betrayals around every corner. It was very mature for a show aimed primarily at kids.

The show was renewed for a second season that was set five years after the first and saw many of the young heroes mature into adulthood and take on new superhero identities. As the heroes matured, so did the show.

The second season titled “Invasion” ended with the death of one of the original team members Wally West, Kid Flash. This marked a major shift for the show going forward, with more and more characters being killed off in the following season.

Despite the tragic ending of its second season, “Young Justice” wasn’t immediately renewed for a third season. Fans of the show rallied online to get it renewed for the third season titled “Outsiders”, which was aired exclusively on HBO Max.

Despite the third season’s mixed reviews, fans continued to campaign online for a follow up. DC has delivered but the showrunners have hinted on Twitter that it is up to the fans if the show will be renewed later on for a fifth season.

The show’s future once again hinges on the reception of its newest season, but with a mostly positive reception so far, it is likely that “Young Justice” will return once again.