Astroworld Disaster


Erika Goldring

During Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert on November 5th in Houston a lack of crowd safety caused the deaths of 8 attendees and 2 more after the fact.

During his concert on Friday Nov. 5th in Houston, Texas, rapper Travis Scott witnessed 8 of his audience members die in the crowd due to suffocation. Travis Scott and other organizers are being sued on criminal accusations for the events that occurred at the show.

As of November 29th lawsuits have piled up to a staggering $750 million. This fine would be spread across Travis Scott and others who helped put the show on. Scott has also offered to pay the funeral expenses for all of those who died during the show. 

The show has turned out to be a disaster for both the crowd and Scott as he is also having to give full refunds to all concert goers on top of the lawsuits.

The 50,000 person crowd was packed so tightly at the venue that many people could hardly breathe. During the show concertgoers started to pass out in the crowd but were held up by those around them because of how tightly they were packed. 

The show was paused multiple times due to such occurrences but despite people yelling for help the show went on for another hour. There were multiple instances of people climbing onto the stage to try to alert Travis of the tragedy that was occurring but the show never came to a complete halt until the authorities arrived.

The final straw came when somehow the crowd was induced to rush the stage which left many people trampled.

By the end of the show 8 people had died due to suffocation and 25 others were severely trampled in the crowd. As of November 16th two of these injured attendees have died in hospitals. These victims ranged from just 10 years old to 27. Those in the crowd made several attempts to stop the show to help these people but the issue was never alleviated.

When medical personnel arrived on scene it took them too long to make it through the mass of bodies in the concert pit. Even when the authorities did get into the pit there were reports of concert goers dancing on top of their vehicles. 

Reports also surfaced that a man was going around the concert sticking needles in concert goers and security guards alike. After testing a security guard that was pricked the substance was confirmed to be narcan.

The result of the show displays a failure on the part of security and crowd control personnel. The admissions personnel should have never let that many people into the show or should have at least found a better way to spread the mass of bodies. 

There was also a failure on the part of the producers of the concert as they failed to stop the show and fix the issue. Instead of doing this they just tried to get certain people to safety without paying attention to the problem that people were passing out at an unsafe rate.

Even with the chaos around them, most concertgoers refused to leave despite the obvious risks to their safety. 

The events of this night may set precedent for concerts in the future to make sure that each venue is safe for all concert goers.