Over 2,000 Southwest Flights Canceled Across the Nation

Over 2,000 Southwest Flights Canceled Across the Nation
The weekend of Oct. 9, 33% of over 2000 flights were cancelled by Southwest Airlines. The world’s largest low-cost carrier canceled three of every 10 flights on Sunday. The company blames air traffic, weather, and limited staffing in Florida for these cancelations.

“We’ve continued diligent work throughout the weekend to reset our operation with a focus on getting aircraft and crews repositioned to take care of our customers,” said Southwest Airlines

The Federal Aviation Administration said there are starting to become fewer traffic-related delays. The main issue is said to be aircrafts and crews being out of place. However, other airlines such as American Airlines and Spirit Airlines don’t seem to have this issue. Both airlines only have 2% of their flights to either be delayed or canceled.

Last week Southwest Airlines started a vaccine mandate and these delays may have been caused by the pilots walking out. Southwest has had a bad year with delays in general. The airlines have had poor on-time performance all year and especially throughout July and June.

It is not only the customers that are upset with Southwest airlines. Union pilots, flight attendants, and mechanics have all voiced complaints to the airline as well. Southwest Airlines plans to fix the problem by scheduling fewer flights during the fall.

“To any Southwest customer whose journey with us fell short of their expectation this summer, we offer our sincerest apologies. We’re confident these adjustments will create a more reliable travel experience,” said Kelly, a member of Southwest Airlines.

The airline said that resolving the problem is more difficult than expected but they are working to fix the scheduling for the flights as soon as possible.