Covid and the 2021-2022 school year

Kids reenter schools this fall with teachers hoping to make up for lost time.

(AP Photo/Visar Kryeziu)

Kids reenter schools this fall with teachers hoping to make up for lost time.

The time has come again for kids and teens alike to head back to school. While for many students this time of year marks another start to just another school year, it is not so for this year’s batch of students.

The past year of online school may have hit highschoolers the hardest. It has been reported that last year more students than ever before failed classes. Whatever the reason, students struggled to learn last year and teachers couldn’t do anything about it.

Many students reported feeling that they did not learn enough this past year. This is an issue especially in core subjects such as math, in which many students struggled to keep up and did not get the help they needed.

In many areas, students simply did not have the materials necessary to have school online, others lacked motivation, and many lacked access to resources needed to increase their understanding and retention.

In the last year, a reported 1.1 million students dropped out of public schools. Because of this, bringing kids back to school is imperative to try to reverse this trend and get kids involved in school activities.

At EC we are blessed to have an Academic Resources center to help students, but many other students do not have access to such assistance and are stuck.

Now that students are back in school their rate of learning should increase, but will it be enough to make up for the lost time last year?

Students have not been to school in a year and a half because of Covid-19 closures. Now they are being popped back in. For high schoolers this may not seem like an issue but for kindergarteners, this transition could be rough.

One of the main points of kindergarten is developing social skills. Because kindergarteners were online last year, these skills may be underdeveloped making the adjustment difficult.

While these issues are on the forefront of many people’s minds there is another issue at play here. Even one outbreak in a school could force a return to remote learning, deepening the hole many students have been dug into.

By enforcing the mask mandate, utilizing social distancing and encouraging vaccinations schools can try to prevent this. Still, students cannot be controlled outside of school, so anything could happen.

While the short term impacts that COVID-19 has had on schools are readily apparent, the long term effects are yet to be realized.

COVID-19 changed the way that many students learn and may still continue to do that into the future.