EC’s Color Guard Performs Last Routine of the Year


Andrea Filer

EC’s color guard performs their last routine of the year.

On June 2, 2021, EC’s color guard will perform their first and last performance of the school year. The color guard will be joining with EC’s band for their senior night performance at 7 pm at the base of the hill near the Band Amphitheater.

EC’s Color guard was founded in Aug. 2017 with then freshmen Caeley Hunter ‘21 and Anna Albertson 21’. Albertson and Hunter have been co-captains all four years of their high school experience, and this performance will be their last in high school.

“My experience has been great. I started off not expecting to commit to the guard but ended up loving it and staying all four years. This year has been a little disappointing since we were not able to perform or even meet up as much, but I am glad we get to perform one more time before graduating,” said Albertson.

“Color guard has been one of the best experiences of high school and I am thankful that I got to do it for all four years,” Hunter said.

In addition, new this year, sophomore Jordan Shaw will be performing with the seniors as well.

“My experience has been really good! I didn’t have any expectations, but I enjoyed learning routines and the equipment. Being a part of color guard has been great,” Shaw said, “I feel a little nervous for the upcoming performance. [But] that’s natural though, and I think we’re all ready to go.”

Typically, the color guard performs with the Band in the fall and, if they choose, perform by themselves in the winter season. This upcoming performance will not be performed with the band but will be incorporated into the band’s last performance.

“I’m a little sad that this is my last performance, but super excited as well. I’m grateful that Jordan has join us this year and that she enjoys guard as much as I do. I am proud at how much she has improved within this year and that she will be continuing guard even after Caeley and I graduate,” said Albertson.

“This year color guard has been difficult to do because of Covid and my final year has been very busy and stressful, so I have been doing less guard. While I am sad it is my last performance, I am excited to move on and learn color guard from other people [in college],” said Hunter.

EC’s color guard will be performing to “Bright” from the “Netflix Original Series: Julie and The Phantoms Season 1.” Their performance will incorporate dance, swing flags, air blades, and flag routines.

After this school year, Shaw plans to continue color guard at EC, and Hunter hopes to join West Virginia University’s guard. Sadly, Albertson will not be able to continue guard next school year in college.

“Currently, University of Montana does not have a guard and already has both a cheer and dance team. Although, I am considering possibly creating a team or joining the dance team in the future,” said Albertson.

When talking about the team’s seniors, Shaw expressed all positive things.

“Both seniors a part of the team, [worked] hard and have done their part in helping me understand stuff. I admire their friendship and all the work they put in,” Shaw said.

In addition, both team seniors expressed their hopes for Jordan as she continues guard.

“I hope Jordan should enjoy every year even if there are not very many people in guard, you will gain lifelong experiences and memories,” said Hunter.

“I hope Jordan continues guard for the rest of her high school years and that she loves it as much as I have. I hope she makes just as much good memories and remembers to have fun even during any competitions,” said Albertson.