What does Harris’ Unprecedented Unpopularity mean for 2024 Presidential Election?

What does Harris Unprecedented Unpopularity mean for 2024 Presidential Election?

Vice President Kamala Harris’ favorability, or unfavorability, rather, stands at an alarming percentage, one unprecedented compared to her predecessors. YouGov found that Harris’ favorability is a mere 41%, while her favorability stands at 59%. Most alarming, however, is that 20% of Democrats surveyed found the VP unfavorable, and 60% of independents polled similarly. The issue lies in Harris’ inability to maintain an independent majority. The party typically representative of moderacy and reason finds former President Trump, a man not particularly known for his calm demeanor, more favorable and reliable than current VP, Kamala Harris.

What does this mean for the democrat party? Further, what does this mean for the 2024 presidential election? Harris is currently the presumptive nominee should Biden not run. Such is troublesome for the democratic party considering that the VP was incapable of even making it to the Iowa caucuses for last year’s nomination race.

As of now, polls indicate Ron DeSantis, Florida’s governor, is the “undisputed front-runner” for a primary. This would be devastating for the democratic party, and Kamala herself… but not necessarily for the country.

DeSantis boasts policies and agendas in which encompass the highlights of President Trump’s. However, DeSantis (favorably) lacks the former President’s burdening verbal impulsivity which undoubtedly led to tensions towards the end of Trump’s Presidential term. Nevertheless, DeSantis is not quite as mild-mannered as Pence, meaning that he could “destroy” Harris on a debate stage.

If Kamala is so unfavorable, why is she the second leader of the free world? It all boils down to political appearance and reputation. The Washington Examiner puts it not-so-lightly, “[…] Biden wanted a black woman on the ticket, and now the one he chose could cost Democrats the White House.”
Only time will tell, but unfortunately, as time goes on, America seems to be in decline (well, all but gas prices* seem to be in decline).

*See https://ecinsider.org/2276/news/gas-prices-see-steep-incline-under-biden-administration/