The Grammy’s Controversy of Racial Inclusiveness


Getty Images

Picture of the 2021 Grammy Awards

The Grammy’s is an event that many look forward to, but has also been boycotted by many people, including the artists themselves. The Grammy’s goal is to celebrate and appreciate that year’s music and creative excellence;however, there may be something darker going on behind the scenes.

The Grammy’s lack of racial inclusiveness has been noticed and criticized and has started improving. This does not take away from the fact that the award show alienates artists every year. Many artists, both white and people of color have noticed this and have started to boycott the awards. Many of the boycotters have been artists that have felt discluded from the event and felt that The Grammys offered favoritism to certain artists.

Hit artist The Weeknd announced that he is boycotting The Grammys due to his chart-topping songs never having been nominated. He feels that the event is very biased and contradicts the purpose of the event. The Weeknd argued that the ceremony lacks transparency with diversity and voting among nominees. While The Weeknd may have been the first artist to open up to the media about his experience, it is very possible we will see other well-known artists following this.

Another popular artist, Zayn Malik posted an explicit tweet also shaming the ceremony. His tweet called out the unfairness of the committee, and stated that “Unless you shake hands and send gifts, there’s no nomination considerations.” Malik followed up with this tweet saying that the event allows favoritism, racism and networking to control the voting process. These influences allow the event to have less diversity and inclusiveness.

While the event has been considered a success the past few years, the underlying politics and controversies may cause more issues. The show has been around since 1951 but still lacks inclusiveness and diversity. Well-known artists have begun avoiding and protesting the Grammys, and we may see more in the future. Without transparency in their nomination system, the ceremony will face more controversies dismay of viewers.