Biden Administration Worsens Border Crisis


As of Feb. 2, 2021, the Biden Administration has revoked Executive Order (EO) 14012 (Enforcing the Legal Responsibilities of Sponsors of Aliens). This incentivization of illegal immigration has contributed to the surge in illegal immigration, the humanitarian crisis at the border, the spread of COVID-19, and enabled drug cartels.

The surge in illegal immigration is a direct result of halting the construction of the US-Mexico border wall. Walls have proven effective in ensuring legal immigration. Border walls make it so that US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents can easily stop illegal immigrants, and with this, drug traffickers. Walls funnel migrants to these entry points, proving essential to border security. Illegal border crossings have quintupled since Jan. 20, 2021. In just three months, the Biden Administration has managed to quintuple illegal border crossings, as reported by CBP.

Biden’s prioritization of political correctness (opposed to realistic results) has contributed to the hoards of unaccompanied children crossing the US-Mexico border illegally. While the Biden Administration aimed to keep families together, and immigrant children safe, they obliterated any chance of such when they revoked Executive Order 14012. MSN writer Debbie Lesko contributes, “In February [we reached] the highest [amount of unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors] in our nation’s history. Due to these rising numbers, the Biden administration is being forced to put children into migrant detention shelters at 100% capacity”. These detention centers’ conditions utterly contradict COVID-19 protocols by which the rest of America abides. Further, it puts these children at risk of both contracting and spreading the virus. However, children aren’t the only ones with detention centers nearing capacity and furthering the global pandemic.

The surge at the border is undeniably unmanageable, overflowing facilities and forcing officials to release these illegal immigrants into communities through the controversial practice of catch and release. Despite risks of COVID-19 and drug trafficking, the Biden Administration has failed to improve border conditions.

The cartels are strengthened in funding- the cartel is able to transport illegal immigrants into the States for monetary payment. Fines have skyrocketed to $2,500 per person. Say 500 illegal immigrants cross the border in one day, the cartel would profit 1.25 million dollars. With illegal immigration surging like never before, this figure is not unlikely. Even worse, those who entered via cartel routes are now indentured to the Cartel. Derek Maltz, former head of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) special operations division tells Epoch Times, “Based on all my experience, and looking at drug enforcement and immigration-related matters, […] the cartels are in a much easier place now to position their power throughout America, [and] continue to distribute all these poisonous drugs and pick up the mass amounts of proceeds that have been generated from the business.”
America finds itself endangering both immigrants and Americans, as COVID-19 spreads, illegal immigration surges, and the cartels grow in power.

As of writing time, the Biden Administration remains adamant in their revoking of EO 14012 and the halting of the construction of the US-Mexico border wall.