That Vegan Teacher Gets Banned On Tik Tok


That Vegan Teacher gets banned on Tik Tok.

Kadie Karen Diekmeye, commonly known by her username “That Vegan Teacher,” was recently banned on the TikTok platform for violating multiple community guidelines in her promotion of veganism.

Diekmeye, a 56-year-old Canadian woman, promoted veganism on her TikTok page, but Tik Tok believed she took the topic too far through borderline forceful content and being insensitive to many users, along with other violations to the community guidelines Tik Tok uses.

Sportskeeda reports that “she has made blatantly racist, bigoted, discriminatory statements against anyone who doesn’t view veganism her way and her way alone [and] she has promoted multiple films that are dangerous to children, given TikTok’ s 13-year-old age requirement and that many children under that age access it daily.”

Also, a TikTok user, @dustydortotfarty, commented on one of Diekmeye’s posts saying that their friend, a minor, had followed Diekmeye’s account and soon after died of malnutrition since he had refused to eat meat. After viewing this comment, Diekmeye posted a video, not to apologize, but actually mock this child’s death.

“Oh, I feel terrible. Oh my god, what did he eat? What did he eat that killed him? Was it a banana? A carrot? Was it broccoli? Oh god. Maybe it was dates and figs. Was it soymilk or tofu? Oh my god. He died, eh? And you tried really, really hard to make him eat meat, yeah?” said Diekmeye.

The video continues with Diekmeye saying, “But did you try hard enough? Did you take him and force him down and say, “Man, you got to eat this dead pig. You got to eat this bacon to save your life.” Did you do that? You know, did you make him eat a sausage? Did you shove a chicken wing down his throat? I don’t know if you tried enough, man,” ending with a sign that said “go vegan.”

Another time, when responding back to @uselesstiktok12’s comment that said, “which would you choose for a child to live or a cow to live and you can only choose one and actually answer the question.” She responds with a post where she said, “These are very difficult things to answer.”

She is also known for forcing her dog on a vegan diet and encouraging others to do the same with their pets, along with making many more questionable and offensive videos.