Tiger Woods In Car Crash

Woods car after the crash

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Woods’ car after the crash

On Feb. 23, 2021, famous golfer Tiger Woods got into a one-car crash in downtown Los Angeles . Woods suffered serious injuries to his lower right leg and ankle and has undergone emergency surgeries. Tiger Woods will not face any charges for the crash as it was deemed an accident.
Tiger Woods was on his way to Rolling Hills Country Club to work with New Orleans Saints quarterback, Drew Brees. He left his hotel at 7:00 a.m., and was supposed to be at the country club at 7:30 a.m.. Since it takes about an hour to get there, Woods was in a hurry. His car rolled over several times because he was driving over the speed limit due to being late.
Los Angeles County Sheriff, Alex Villanueva said “Woods’ vehicle was traveling at a relatively greater speed than normal.”
Tiger Woods was driving a 2021 Hyundai Genesis GV80 at the time of the crash. The front of the SUV was destroyed, but most of the interior of the car stayed intact. During the crash, his vehicle hit the center divider of the road, a curb, a tree, and barely missed hitting a utility pole. The airbags in the car went off.
When the authorities got to Woods, six minutes after the crash, he was calm but in shock. They had to use an axe to extract Tiger Woods out of the car through the windshield.
Deputy Carlos Gonzalez said “it’s very fortunate that Mr. Woods was able to come out of this alive.”
Woods’ injuries consist of open fractures in the upper and lower portions of the tibia and fibula on his right leg. He underwent several hours of emergency surgery where surgeons placed a rod into Woods’ right leg and used screws to stabilize his ankle.
Woods’ was “awake, responsive, and recovering after the surgery” said his agent, Mark Steinburg.
It is unknown whether or not Woods will be able recover from his injuries and resume playing on the golf course. These new injuries from his car crash, along with previous back injuries may cause Woods to be out of the golf world for a while.