Amanda Gorman- First Poet to Perform At Super Bowl


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Amanda Gorman performing at inauguration

In another “first” for football in a pandemic season, Amanda Gorman, a 22-year-old poet and activist who is most widely recognized for being the 2021 Inaugural Poet, was selected to perform at the Super Bowl 55. She is the first poet ever to perform at a super bowl in history and performed at the preshow.
Football Poetry has been largely underwhelming, but Gorman put on an amazing show and has already made history twice this year, by being both the youngest inaugurate poet along with the first super bowl poet. She recited a poem to recognize three pandemic heroes who were declared honorary captains.
Gorman performed alongside The Weeknd who was the act for the halftime show. After she performed her poem, the three heroes she spoke about were able to participate in the coin toss ceremony.
In her Inauguration Poem, Gorman spoke about insisting Americans “leave behind a country better than the one we left.”
The three heroes her poem honored, were great examples of this. They were all leaders of their respective communities who “represent the best in all of us.”
In both of her performances, Gorman was able to inspire Americans and encourage us to become leaders and to be the change we want to see in the world. Gorman can demonstrate her activism through poetry and is able to use her platform and performances to make a change.
Gorman currently has more projects underway; her work is mostly surrounding the issues of racism, social injustices, feminism, and oppression. She has also published her own book, “The One for Whom Food Is Not Enough.” Gorman has already announced that more books are in the process and will be coming out this year.
Amanda Gorman has not only opened many doors for herself, but also other poets and Americans around the country. Her work has inspired many, and she has been a great example of the change we want to happen.