New Technology Implemented for Hybrid Model Learning


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Here is the standard Owl camera model. The pro version comes in white.

Technology Implemented to Eastside Catholic for Hybrid Learning

For the first time since March of last year, Eastside Catholic students have returned to campus in a hybrid learning model. With this reintroduction to in-person learning, there are several new and previously used technologies that have been implemented to the school.

Starting on January 25th, Middle schoolers in group A attended school and were the first to have access to these new technological additions. As middle school group B and High school groups A and B returned, they followed the same safety protocols all made possible by these new software and applications.

The most notable application that Eastside Catholic has adapted for hybrid learning is the Trace Innovations app.

“Trace identifies who an infected or potentially infected individual interacted with, when that interaction occurred, and the risk level, based on the dose (distance) and duration of an interaction, using the latest CDC Guidelines,” says Trace Innovations.

The Trace app uses Bluetooth technology to measure proximity between users who have that app in use while at school. This helps contact tracers to identify close contacts of those who have been exposed to the virus. The main purpose of the app is to lower the spread of covid-19 and monitor who a user has been near.

Students aren’t the only ones who are utilizing new technology in the school. Teachers now have the Owl Camera- a smart video conferencing camera which turns 360 degrees. The Owl turns and focuses on people in the room as they speak, to highlight speakers as if one were physically there. The Owl Camera is placed on a tripod within the classroom so that students from home can be immersed in the class better, and their voices are played through the Owl so that students in the classroom can hear them.

Upon arrival to campus, student’s must have a health shield COVID-19 screening. This grants students access to participate in school activities and attend the school day. Once they arrive on campus, students are to show their screening result screen shot to a faculty or staff member, after which they will be allowed entry to the school. If a student has not had a screening or doesn’t have a screen shot, they will need to have one done by a staff member to allow entry to the school.

Along with all the new technological additions to Eastide Catholic, there are other applications that have been previously adopted in past years. Such applications include Microsoft Teams and Onenote, where students have access to join their class meetings and notebooks digitally. Eastside Catholic will continue to use these softwares for hybrid model learning.

Eastside Catholic will proceed to use these new forms of technology for the rest of the 2020-2021 school year until the Covid-19 guidelines soften and the governor allows for full-time in person learning.