Students Share Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions


EC students share their New Year’s Resolutions for 2021.

Jan 1, 2021 marked the start of a brand-new year. A common tradition, which is mostly found in the Western hemisphere, is making a New Year’s resolution. A New Year’s resolution is usually a goal one has for themselves that they wish to act upon in the upcoming new year.

Based on a poll from EC students, these are the top ten New Year’s resolutions for this year:

Ten: To quit procrastination. With this past year being online, procrastination has increased even more for some people.

Nine: To go to bed earlier. Similarly, due to this past year being online, sleep schedules have been disrupted and students have been going to sleep later than they usually did pre-Covid.

Eight: To improve upon or pick-up more hobbies. With most everything being shut down and the social distancing guidelines, more people have been coming up with hobbies they can do by themselves to pass their time.

Seven: To take better care of self. One common resolution every year is to take better care of themselves.

Six: To eat healthier. Another common resolution every year is to eat healthier by snacking less on junk food.

Five: To improve upon their relationships. As this past year has made seeing others more difficult, many people are valuing their relationships more this year.

Four: To be more confident socially. To socialize with others, one needs to be able to have confidence to do so. And as a result of multiple people having their resolutions involving relationships, confidence was mentioned more.

Three: To prepare to graduate high school and move on to college. As many of the students who answered this poll are seniors, many expressed that their resolution was to prepare for the future beyond high school.

Two: To exercise, in some way, more often. Another common resolution, both this year and past years, have been to exercise.

One: None. Some of the students expressed that they had no resolutions. Although the New Year’s resolution is a common tradition, not everyone comes up with one.

Though not everyone had a New Year’s Resolution, many students are hoping this new year brings positive changes to their lives and that they can put Covid-19 past them soon.