NFL Reopens Under Covid

NFL Reopens Under Covid

Photo: New4Jax

Photo: New4Jax

The 2020 NFL season began Sep.10 as last year’s Super Bowl winners, the Chiefs, took on the Houston Texans at Arrowhead stadium, in Kansas City, as the NFL deemed it safe to proceed with a season during this Covid Pandemic.

However, this success came after much discussion between the NFL players association (NFLPA) and the owners. The players were very worried about their safety and their contracts as they and their colleagues could be financially affected by the absence of a season.

On the other hand, the owners were worried about their revenue, as they would not receive money for having fans in the stadiums, so they worked to maximize their financial gains so that they could provide a profit for the company.

In the end, both the players and the owners settled on an agreement in salaries and frequency of covid tests as well as other factors like giving players a chance to opt out for the season.

To track a case in the team facilities, chips (devices that track who you have come in contact with) were used to track infected players and see who they came into contact with. There was a major problem when one NFL lab reported 77 false positives for Covid.

The positive testings scared many players as it proved that there were still flaws in the system and many players were forced into quarantine. Thankfully, the chips have helped to keep players safe and to minimize outbreaks at team facilities.

So, as the league was able to successfully keep players safe throughout training camp, they are able to launch a season and maybe get fans in the stadiums

In a recent letter to the league, praising them for their success, Goodell stated that:

“Our primary concern is for the health and well-being of you and your families. We have a variety of resources to help and we encourage you to take advantage of them. You will find a wide range of advice from leading experts to help maintain your physical and mental health.”

After all the hard work, the NFL has gotten underway this season with two successful weeks and a good forecast ahead of them. If any situations do arise the season may have to be cut short, but for the moment football will take place just like usual.

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