NCAA Fall Sports Will Look Different


College sports will surely not look the same next year

NCAA Cancelling Fall Sports?

The coronavirus pandemic continues to rattle the college sports landscape and leave many questions regarding the fall sports scheduling possibility, unanswered.
But even before a new normal can begin to take shape, colleges and universities will have to find a safe way to simply reopen campuses. Complex, high-stakes public health issues need to be dealt with before there is a good sense of what college sports will look like.
With colleges state-wide in places like California have already announced school will be online in the fall state-wide, the question of the possibility of having a college football season in the year 2020 is still up for debate.
Winter and Spring sports were cancelled among the pandemic crisis sweeping the globe, leaving sports fans utterly irritable. Sports have always been a place for the people to ignore or escape the problems or the issues they face in the real world, but now, the real world cancelled sports.
The NCAA has not yet formally addressed whether or not fall sports will be cancelled. There has been speculation from analysts and experts that they are leaning towards playing the sports without fans in attendance.
“We’re trying to think responsibly and creatively about how to best have the college basketball season play out for student-athletes, teams and fans,” said the NCAA vice president for men’s basketball, Dan Gavitt. “We’re trying to be very creative and nimble, but it’s still early in the process.”
For now, optimism is the only thing keeping people wondering, as day after day passes on a world without sports. “If a school doesn’t reopen, then they’re not going to be playing sports. It’s really that simple,” Emmert said.
With many big name colleges cancelling their fall semester, that leaves speculation if that alone will force the NCAA to not let any schools play, regardless of them being open in the fall.