Kim Jong-Un is Alive According to North Korea

Rumors of the death of North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un began circulating media around the world in April after he was mysteriously absent from his grandfather’s annual commemoration.

However, the North Korea state media released footage of the dictator opening a new fertilizer factory on May 1. Kim appeared to be in perfect health aside from his weight. He seemed cheerful and was seen laughing and smoking a few times.

US and South Korean intelligence believe that Kim may have retreated to his private compound after fears of a coronavirus outbreak in the country.
This is not the first time a North Korean dictator or even Kim Jong-Un has disappeared for several weeks. Kim famously vanished in 2014 and reappeared with a cane several weeks later after a surgery. This also seems to be the case in the recent disappearance.

The South Korean Unification Ministry criticized the reporting on the dictator’s alleged death, saying that “in this occasion, the baseless reports on North Korea caused unnecessary economic, security and social costs and confusion in our society. North Korea-related information requires a prudent approach based on concrete evidence in the future as well.”

Rumors of the North Korean dictator’s death started circulating on several foreign news media after he was absent at his grandfather’s birthday celebration on April 14. Hong Kong media broke the news of the dictator’s alleged death while a Japanese magazine claimed that he was in a “vegetative state” after an alleged heart surgery. He was reportedly absent from his grandfather’s annual commemoration, a large event in the state.

American and Canadian media networks then picked up on the story and began reporting on it. Despite the massive coverage by various news media across several nations, South Korea reported that they had no reason to believe that Kim was in poor health or that he was dead. The North Korean state-run media also reported this, but many don’t believe the reports from the government-run media that is known to spread false information.

President Donald Trump said that he did not believe the reports of Kim’s death, calling them “fake” and informing the American media that the US was monitoring the situation.

The Chinese Communist Party dispatched a team of doctors and other medical experts to North Korea. The purpose of this visit was unknown. People have speculated that they were sent to help the dictator or that they were sent to monitor a potential Coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Kim Jong-Un’s private train was sighted near his Wonsan compound. People began to speculate that he was transported in his train to the compound instead of in his private jet due to potential health issues.

It is still unknown as to why the dictator disappeared for several weeks. Many believe it was due to a surgery or fear of the coronavirus, but the North Korean state media denies these claims.