Tom Brady Leaves Patriots, Signs with Buccaneers


Frank Victores/Associated Press

Former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady waves to crowd after win over the Cincinnati Bengals in December

Tom Brady announced on March 17 that he will not be returning to the New England Patriots to play football; it was announced later that day that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed a contract with him.

The six-time Super Bowl champion announced on March 17 on his social media that he would be ending his 20-year-long career as quarterback for the New England Patriots. He also stated that he would be taking his NFL career elsewhere, and it was later confirmed that he had signed a contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The news shocked Patriots fans everywhere, many of whom were sad to see the what they believed to be the end of the so-called Patriots’ dynasty.

After playing in nine Super Bowls and winning six with the Patriots, fans believed that Tom Brady had led the Patriots to a winning dynasty. However, his performance in the 2019-2020 season was lackluster compared to his past seasons. After a humiliating defeat to the Miami Dolphins in week 17, the Patriots made it into the playoffs with a wildcard seed.

Brady and the Patriots faced off against the Tennessee Titians in the wildcard round. The Titians were ahead by one point at halftime. Neither team could score in most of the second half of the game. With 20 seconds left in the game and down by one point, Tom Brady attempted one last pass from the Patriots’ own end zone. However, the pass was intercepted by Titians’ Logan Ryan for a thrilling touchdown and end to the game, but a lackluster end to the Patriots’ season.

Brady is one of the oldest players in the league at age 42. Many people called into question whether he was getting too old to continue playing football. His contract with the Patriots expired at the end of last season and many people saw it as a perfect opportunity for him to retire.

However, in a Hulu commercial during the Super Bowl, Brady assured fans that “I’m not going anywhere”. Patriots fans rejoiced at what they believed was confirmation that Brady would be staying in Massachusetts, but there was still no news about his contract being renewed.

On March 17, the NFL Network announced that Tom Brady had signed a contract with the Buccaneers. It has since been confirmed that it is a two-year-long contract with a base value of $50 million for Brady.

It was reported by the Tampa Bay Times that Brady had one request for the Buccaneers: “Brady didn’t ask for control of the Buc’s offense, for specific players to join him, or even for the No. 12. All he wanted was the phone numbers of his teammates.”