Governor Inslee Passes Temporary Vaping Ban in Wake of Mysterious Illness


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Governor Jay Inslee answers questions after announcing a state-wide ban on flavored vape products

Caiden Bertsch, Insider Staff

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has passed a temporary ban on flavored vape products after 23 people have died nationwide and over 2,000 people have been hospitalized because of vaping-related illnesses.

Vaping devices in several states have been linked to mysterious lung illnesses that has reportedly killed 23 people and hospitalized over 2,000 others. The cause of the illness is still unknown. THC was initially thought to be the cause, but some cases reported only using nicotine.

The Federal Drug Administration has launched a criminal probe into the vaping illnesses. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has over 100 doctors and investigators attempting to find out what is causing the illnesses. Congress and other government agencies have launched probes into the vaping company Juul.

On October 9, Governor Jay Inslee successfully passed a 120-day ban on the sale of flavored vape products. Inslee also directed the state Department of Health to develop proposals for more legislation, including a permanent ban on the sale of flavored vape products and posting warning signs in e-cigarette stores. The ban was passed in hopes that people will not be able to obtain flavored vape products while the potentially lethal illness is being investigated.

Vaping or any nicotine offence at Eastside Catholic has been changed to a Primary Offence. The punishments could include extended suspension or expulsion. The age limit to buy and use any vaping device legally is being raised from 18 to 21 in January.

Dean of Students Jeff Rodenburg says that the “Deans are focused on the health and safety of students.” Vaping not only can affect a person’s lungs but also their thinking and decision making as Mr. Rodenburg pointed out, “Something other than yourself is controlling you.” This negatively affects students’ performance in the classroom and athletes at games or competitions.

Mr. Rodenburg and other school administrators are willing to help students who want to quit vaping.